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Black Tourmaline:

Protection and Shielding:

  • Ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline to protect themselves from earth demons during spellcasting.
  • Today, it remains a premier talisman of protection, deflecting negative energies, entities, and destructive forces.
  • It acts as a psychic shield, guarding against radiation and environmental pollutants.

Grounding and Connection:

  • Black Tourmaline is an electrical grounding stone, bridging the gap between Earth and the human spirit.
  • Its supportive energy aligns the body’s energy centers and channels healing light throughout the system.

Positive Transformation:

  • This crystal purifies and neutralizes negative thoughts and internal conflicts, transforming them into positive energy.
  • It empowers self-confidence and provides a clearer, more objective view of the world.

Gemstone Rarity:

  • Although Tourmaline is found on every continent, fine crystal specimens and gems are still considered rare and can be quite expensive.
  • Its popularity as a gemstone soared in 1876 when a Green Tourmaline from Maine was sold to Tiffany and Co. in New York.

Unique Characteristics:

  • Tourmaline crystals are prismatic, vertically striated, and often triangular in cross-section.
  • They vary in color within a single specimen and may be transparent or opaque.
  • The name “Tourmaline” comes from an ancient Sinhalese word meaning “a mixed color precious stone.”


Black Tourmaline Vibra Bracelet!

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