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Brown Jasper, also known as Egyptian Marble, is a captivating stone with a rich history and powerful healing properties. Let’s delve into its fascinating aspects:


Historical Significance:

  • Ancient Egyptians revered Brown Jasper, incorporating it into amulets, jewelry, and sacred vessels.
  • In Roman times, healers used it to aid digestive and respiratory issues, believing it could regulate blood flow.
  • Native Americans carved Brown Jasper into arrowheads for protection and success in hunting or battle.
  • Across cultures, Jaspers are known as “bringers of rain.”
  • Brown Jasper’s influence extends to parts of Scandinavia, Germany, Japan, and early Christian traditions.

Meaning and Properties:

  • Often called the Supreme Nurturer, Brown Jasper provides stability and inner peace.
  • It connects us to the Earth’s vibrations, making it beneficial for those facing geopathic or environmental stress.
  • Courage and wisdom are infused by this grounding stone.
  • Brown Jasper promotes ecological awareness and alleviates stress related to our surroundings.


Brown Jasper Vibra Bracelet!

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